OC Standings Sets presented by Koa Aloha Media is our home base for production and can be for you too!

The concept of the studio was created from our needs and those of fellow indie filmmakers in similar circumstances. We asked ourselves, What types of sets do we need on a regular basis and how much can our production afford to pay?

Ready-to-go soundstages and movie sets (or states and sets of any kind for that matter) are expensive to use and can be far too costly for the independent filmmaker, small commercial production or the content creator with occasional set and studio needs. That’s where OC Standing Sets by Koa Aloha Media comes in! We are doing to provide a full service set to meet your needs with common uses and configurable stages.

With that we created Koa Aloha Media’s OC Standing Sets with the aim of giving independent creators a lot of bang for their buck.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the studio as much as we do!

Thank you and we can’t way to see what you produce here!

Koa Aloha Media


Ready to book your set from OC Standing Sets? You can get booking info here or contact us for more information.