1. Stage all equipment in designated area.
  2. Please do not use standing sets as storage and work areas, to avoid damage!
  3. No Smoking permitted inside studio, only in designated smoking area on side of building.
  4. No flames, fake blood, liquids or dirt effects without approval.
  5. No animals allowed inside studio without pre-approval and signed animal waiver.
  6. No painting, or spraying of any aerosols indoors.
  7. Must use Command Strips for hanging anything on walls; otherwise $5/hole for studio staff to patch & paint.
  8. Prop weapons brought onsite must be inspected by studio staff.
  9. Any furniture, props, or d├ęcor moved, must be returned to original position after shoot.
  10. Cleaning Checklist:
    • Empty Trash, Empty Fridge,
    • Clean Coffee Machine (if used),
    • Wipe Counters & Any Spills,
    • Sweep Floors If Needed,
      Remove Tape Markers from Floors,
    • All Studio Grip Gear Back On Cart,
    • All Studio Practical Lightbulbs Put Back & Turned On

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